Class of 2024 Reflects on the ‘COVID Year’

Trust and tradition damaged following pandemic restrictions

Hundreds Wait for Easter Vigil Mass

A Notre Dame Holy Saturday Tradition

Who’s Who: The Notre Dame Bagpipe Band

A rocky start to an iconic Notre Dame tradition

The promotion of dignity

Capital punishment in the updated Catechism

The Summit, Flattened

Matthew Gambetta reflects on the state of the Liturgy and how to recover its sense of sacredness

Songs of the Irish Rover

Michael Singleton discusses the Irish music and the Irish Rover

International Perspectives On An American Holiday

Maya Lewis surveys the perspective of international students, coming from places as far as South Korea and as close as Mexio, on the American Holiday of Thanksgiving.

Who’s Who At Notre Dame: Len Gish

Maggie Duncan spends some time with Len Gish who has been part of the Notre Dame football family for an incredible 52 seasons.

Tradition, Or The Silly Things We Do On Gameday

John McMackin describes some of the, often quite silly, traditions of Notre Dame students on Football Gamedays, such as the Trombone Victory Taco and the pouring of oblations to Knute Rockne.

SYR’s: The Students’ Opinion

Grace Urankar gets students’ opinions on SYR’s. Some of the more interesting SYR traditions include Knott Hall’s Americana Dance which is held at the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, IN and Dillon Hall’s Stache Bash.