Actually getting to class on time. You know this doesn’t happen often enough when you open the classroom door and your immediate instinct is to apologize to the room for your tardiness.

The Blue-Gold Game. Notre Dame’s annual football game against itself is coming up this weekend. I bet I know who’s going to win…

Holy Half cancelled. After months of training for Notre Dame’s Holy Half Marathon, hundreds of would-be runners were disappointed to find out that the race was cancelled the morning of the event due to an unexpected snowstorm. It wasn’t all bad news, however. As one friend who registered for the race put it, “I didn’t even have to run the race, and I still get the t-shirt? I’ll take that any day.”


Humbling Bookstore Basketball games. My team’s long-anticipated Bookstore Basketball game finally came … and went, very quickly. Our game ended in a final score of 21-3 in all of about 15 minutes. When you account for the 5 minute halftime break and the last 3 or so minutes we spent peeing our pants and begging the other team for mercy at the end of the game, it was over and done with as soon as it began.

Awkward office hours. I’m not sure if this is just my experience, but sometimes going to professors’ office hours can be a bit of an awkward social experience. “No, Professor, it’s fine. I mean, I thought we were just going to talk about my paper topic today, but I’m glad to hear that you think my shoes are ‘kind of interesting looking’ too.”

NDH electrical fire. The North Dining Hall closed for a day this past weekend due to an electrical fire. All four students who regularly eat at North Dining Hall were disgruntled.

Michael Infantine is a senior PLS major who has a purple stuffed dinosaur in his dorm room. He can be reached at