Pumpkin Spice. I don’t care how many times someone tries to make #basic the season’s biggest insult; pumpkin spice is upon us and quite frankly I could not be more ready. Whether it’s in your coffee, your cupcake, or your candle, I hope you enjoy it while you can. Forget the haters.

News of NDH Renovations. This is actually pretty irrelevant to me because I almost exclusively choose South for all my dining needs, but I’d imagine this is a cause for abundant celebration for all you North Quad-ers. As long as you’re not a fan of the current Golden Corral theme that NDH has going on, this is probably good news for you.

Netflix. Now is about the time when I start feeling hopeless about classes and find solace in mediocre television (read: Dancing with the Stars). Also, Netflix has popped out some crazy good shows recently (actually all I can attest to is Stranger Things, but 10/10 would recommend). So if you’re super stressed, take a break—perhaps with something pumpkin spice flavored—and make use of that Netflix account you’re definitely piggy-backing off of.


The First Presidential Debate. On September 26, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in the first debate of the 2016 election season. If you couldn’t find something to jeer about during this exchange between two hooligans vying to be the leader of the free world, or during this election season in general, you have been living under the largest rock in these United States.

Graduate Student Appreciation Week. Thank goodness we have the opportunity to remind our hardworking and dedicated grad students that they only (kind of) matter for one week of the year and are pretty much irrelevant at every other moment.

Parkas. It’s beginning to cool down, the leaves are turning beautiful colors, and it’s certainly acceptable to don your jeans and sweaters at this point. But parkas? Friends, bide your time. For now, layering is key. Winter is coming.

Lacey Silvestri is a junior studying English and history whose life goals include publishing a novel and watching a season of 24 in exactly twenty-four hours. Affirm her at