Cheers and Jeers


New North. Based on décor, one worries that the freshmen might accidentally confuse St. Liam’s and North Dining Hall. In a clinically “clean” setting, it seems more likely to nd saline solution instead of salmon in the food warmers. What new North lacks in ambience, however, it makes up in its ramen bar. Is there a psychological study we don’t know about that limits North Quad residents to stark modern surroundings? Time will only tell.

Notre Dame vs. Temple. After last year’s disappointing season, the Fighting Irish took the opportunity to christen their newly renovated stadium in Gatorade mixed with owl carnage. Perhaps the most bene cial architectural addition was also the smallest: the visitor’s tunnel. Indeed, “tunnel” is a strong word for what can only be described as a dingy hole in the wall to squeeze through. ough their home opponents must make degrading entries, Notre Dame has made a triumphant debut into the 2017 college football season.

2017 Fall Semester. The buzz of Domers catching up with friends, cheering for football, and getting back into the academic rhythm signals that the fall semester has truly arrived. It’s time to resume daily Starbucks, hammocking, and being generally ND-extra. The year looks like it will be unique, with the opening of Campus Crossroads and Notre Dame football nally looking up. “Cheers” to a great fall and GO IRISH!


Notre Dame Trail. Transparently styled after the ancient pilgrimage of El Camino de Santia- go, the Trail attempted to celebrate a university that has been in existence for 175 years. Will the 200th anniversary entail a re-creation of Vatican Square on God Quad?

New ID cards. Welcome Weekend brings fond memories of DomerFest, serenades, and Dis-Os. One experience selectively forgotten is the token ID picture. Though better than a driver’s license mugshot, the image is usually not a likeness of which one is proud. After a year (or years) of professors squinting at roll call lists, most of us are eternally grateful for a do-over. e increased security is just a bonus.

LimeBikes. Like a swarm that has descended upon campus, these green machines have changed ND transportation forever. No longer must one responsibly lock their trusty steed to a bike rack before class. Now it seems the middle of the sidewalk is an appropriate location. Or better yet, the middle of the road. Only at Notre Dame must we ask ourselves: do we prefer bikes in our trees or in our way? Apparently, the bike rack has become passé.

Therese Konopelski is a sophomore PLS major whose minors are too wordy to list in any bio, as per usual Notre Dame style. To commiserate, contact her at tkonopel@nd.edu.

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