The doctor is in! Notre Dame officials stunned the world when they announced Sunday morning that famed television host and almost definitely medically-licensed Dr. Phil McGraw of the Dr. Phil daytime TV show will be performing a live show in the Notre Dame stadium at 10 AM on October 21, 2018.

“Dr. Phil coming to Notre Dame is, simply put, monumental,” said a University spokesperson. “P @ ND represents easily the second-most important event to happen in the Notre Dame stadium over the weekend of October 19-21.”

This will be the second-ever concert held in the historic Notre Dame stadium, a venue that has hosted nine national championship teams, seven Heisman Trophy winners, 75 All-Americans, and one Garth Brooks concert.

“I am looking forward to bringing a new kind of crazy to Notre Dame,” said Dr. Phil, who regularly gives fatherly, therapeutic advice to an assortment of children, teenagers, mothers, and fathers on his show.

Executive Vice President of the University John Affleck-Graves noted his support for the concert.

“Is Dr. Phil traditionally recognized as a singer?” asked Affleck-Graves. “No. But does he represent Notre Dame values as perfectly as any man can? Absolutely.”

The legendary TV Host extraordinaire is expected to draw huge numbers of students, faculty, and South Bend residents alike.

“Conservatively, we’re hoping for at least 120,000 concert attendees,” said the Notre Dame spokesperson. “At least 10,000 of those attendees will be students.”

Affleck-Graves is certain of Dr. Phil’s great appeal to younger generations.

“Dr. Phil has been nominated for a daytime Emmy every single year since 2004!” said Affleck-Graves. “How could a student possibly pass on an opportunity like this? I’d give almost anything to see Dr. Phil live!”

Tickets will sell for a low price of $48.95, with a small service fee of $22.85, a facility fee of $30.99, a student discount fee of $45.45, a utilities fee of $10.99, a sales tax of $8.99, and an Observer fee of $8.00.

“Only one word comes to mind when I think about October 21,” said Affleck-Graves. “‘Goosebumps.’”