Notre Dame freshman James Rahner stunned onlookers as he ate four entire saxophones during marching band initiation late Wednesday night.

“It really is incredible,” said fellow band member Jackson DiGorgrio. “I mean, I’ve seen a kid eat his drumsticks, I’ve seen a girl eat that weird xylophone thing, but I have never seen anything quite like this.”

DiGorgrio is a junior saxophone player.

“I cannot understate how much hope this gives me for the future of the band,” continued DiGorgrio. “We’ve initiated freshmen into the Notre Dame marching band the same way for over fifty years, and we’ve never had a single student achieve so much as [Rahner] did last night.”

According to close personal sources, Rahner was reportedly “feeling nervous” before the night began, but quickly came into his own as the night progressed.

“He didn’t say much while we were burning the works of John Philip Sousa,” said sophomore Beverly McCutcherfield. “But when we started playing our classic tuba-only cover of Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito,’ he really began to light up.”

Rahner quickly became a stand-out during the customary instrument-eating contest, known amongst members of the band as the “Musical Munch.”

“When [Rahner] starting munching those saxophones, he was unstoppable,” said McCutcherfield. “Another freshman got about halfway through his cymbal, but nobody else was even close.”

Rahner has been honorarily promoted to ‘Saxophone General,’ a position awarded only twice before in the marching band’s history. The Rover reached out to Rahner to comment but was unsuccessful, as Rahner has been in a medically-induced coma at the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center since Thursday morning.

Hap Burke continues to be a senior.