A bright new day

In times of peace, we men forget

The years we spent in battle-lands;

But gratitude reminds us yet

With some paternal reprimand,


We may neglect to raise a feast

And praise our God for mercy’s dawn:

For scooter-travel now has ceased—

The godforsaken torment gone!


We walk with music in our ears

And know that we will not be struck;

For it had been three hellish years

Of getting hit and yelling  … “darn!”


The Church, so built on Peter-rock,

Defends the weak from Satan’s darts;

And now the Grotto holds the flock

Serene and safe from man’s own arts.


The Quads are clear by late decree

With scooters back at Daddy’s place.

So live as men who know they’re free

With nature healed by saving grace.


Photo Credit: Matthew Rice

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