HCC Women’s Water Polo

Victory Without Mercy

Extraordinary Ministers

 “V is very, very extraordinary” – Nat King Cole

A Most Difficult Meditation

Marcus Aurelius could never…

WGA Reaches a Deal with Truth

Reruns to end, content not expected to improve

The Rover’s Practical Advice for Soon-to-be Preppers

Heed Campus Safety and Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

Chingtreuse: A Review

A rich liqueur, despite the vow of poverty

The Vegan Butcher

Culinary program presents: “Vegetables and Steak Knives: Intersections and Questions”

Mean Girls: The Re-make! Strikes “Too Close to Home” for NDRtL

From the makers of the second Karate Kid, the latter two versions of A Star is Born, and all other ex-theatre kids who aren’t creative enough to come up with their own plots, comes the long-awaited remake of Mean Girls.