Alumni Column

War and the Peace the World Cannot Give

Michael Bradley tells the story of Charles V. Ednie, Catholic and veteran

Et in Arcadia Ego

All of my anxieties about living as a recent graduate were put on full display by engaging with Waugh’s masterpiece

A Person’s a Person

Inconsistent Treatment of the Unborn in the Law

Wake Up the Echoes of liturgical life

If Notre Dame is a Family, it should pray like one

Prefer Nothing to the Love of Christ

In the Gospels, Jesus frequently rebukes his disciples for thinking as their contemporaries do and not as God does. Additionally,…

The art of maintaining childhood

On growing in virtue by not growing up

When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

On the virtues of not having a career path

Gender trouble: Jesus edition

A consideration of the role of Jesus’ man-ness

George Orwell and the 21st Century Catholic

Orwellian ideas that any Domer would do well to consider

Speeding Toward Eternity

A reflection on mortality and hope