Alumni Column

L’Arche Communities: Fostering Faith and Dialogue

As part of the Irish Rover’s Alumni Column, this issue’s column is written by an Executive Editor Emerita on the L’arche Kilkenny communities.

Progressive Phrases And Preschool Practices

Katie Petrik reflects on “people first language”, arguments for social equality and “politically correct trends” in relation to her role as a teacher of preschool children.

The Julia Effect: Embracing Catholic Guilt

Campus Editor Emeritus Elliot Argue takes an insightful look at the relationship between Catholicism and guilt through the lens of Evelyn Waugh’s character Julia Flyte in his Brideshead Revisited.

A Catholic Common Core

Kevin Donohue disagrees with those who claim that the Common Core lowers expectations for students and is contrary to the Catholic intellectual tradition or dogma.

Family Matters: A National Problem in the Wake of National Tragedy

On September 16, 2013, our nation watched in horror as news of yet another mass shooting unfolded.

This time it occurred in a secure military facility in Washington, DC, at the Navy Yard. Now living in the DC area, I was glued to the radio for the minute-by-minute updates provided by local and national news. As the news came in I was seeing images of parts of Southeast DC, where I spend time on the weekends watching the Washington Nationals baseball team, whose stadium is mere walking distance from the Navy Yard. The nation’s collective mind, heart and prayers were with those in the throes of grief that morning.

Conundrums of a Catholic Conservative in the Capitol City

Jonathan Liedl, Managing Editor Emeritus As a young Catholic man, Washington, DC is in many ways the place to be….

The most interesting person I talk to ≠ myself

Mary Daly, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus Do you remember Margery Williams’s childhood classic, The Velveteen Rabbit? The story is about a toy…

Easter Eggs and Marriage Beds: Why Some Things are Worth Waiting For

Jonathan Liedl, Guest Contributor Earlier this month, I was reading the Brainerd Daily Dispatch, the paper of record in my neck…

Conversation regarding women in combat needs to go beyond the physical

Jonathan Liedl, Managing Editor Emeritus To read Liedl’s article on its original web page, Ethika Politika, click here.

Evangelization at Princeton and Notre Dame

Gabby Speach, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus After graduation last May, my classmates and I dispersed across the globe—some to teach, some to…