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On Drinking at Notre Dame

James Rahner reflects on the contradictions of campus drinking culture

When Reason Lags Behind

Poetic reflections on faith and reason

Are Engineering and Technology Good For Humankind?

Professor Peter Kilpatrick discusses integrating engineering in the Catholic faith

Keeping That Wonder

Crystal Avila discusses living with a sense of wonder and awe

The Summit, Flattened

Matthew Gambetta reflects on the state of the Liturgy and how to recover its sense of sacredness

Ordinary Grace

Nicole O’Leary discusses sacramental graces and sainthood

John McGreevy and Mediocrity at Notre Dame

Notre Dame professor disputes claim that Notre Dame was mediocre before Land O’ Lakes

Tolkien and the Catholic Imagination

Tim Bradley discusses the Catholic roots of J. R. R. Tolkien’s hobbit heroes

Fr. Martin’s Bridge: Welcome But in Need of Repair

Prof. Philpott discusses the strengths and weaknesses of Fr. James Martin’s controversial new book

Reflecting on the Right to Life

Grace Enright discusses Ireland’s constitution and the right to life