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To That Lovely Lady

A thoughtful reflection on Our Blessed Mother

Who’s Who: Pete Hlabse

This edition’s who’s who feature: Pete Hlabse.

NOVO Like a Champion

Professor Recommendations Spring 2018

Forcing Faith-Based Organizations Out of Foster Care and Adoption Hurts Children

Elizabeth Kirk discusses the conflict between religious adoption organizations and the LGBT movement


Emily Hirshorn reflects on the balance of providence and planning

Sin and mercy: A call to compunction

Julia McKeon discusses mercy and sorrow as inspired by the signs and sacraments of the Church

Unflattening the Summit

Rob Billups writes on how to restore a sense of the sacred in campus liturgy

The Notre Dame Option?

Patrick Deneen discusses the Benedict Option in the context of a Catholic university

Leaving the Garden

Henry Dickman reflects on leaving the “garden” of faith at Notre Dame