2016 Election

Moving Forward After the Election

The Rover offers a faculty forum regarding Donald Trump’s victory and conservatism

The Search for True Dialogue

Sophia Buono reflects upon the important of dialogue in the pursuit of truth

Campus Reacts to Presidential Election

Trump’s victory spurs protests and prayer service

Religious Freedom: For Thee, For Me, For America

Donald Trump’s victory on November 8 has elicited deeper divisions than perhaps any U.S. election result since 1860, when the…

Education Toward Consensus

As was widely noted over the past year, what is sometimes called “the conservative movement” was strongly divided about Donald…

Donald Trump Elected President

Students, professor react to results

An Outsider’s View of the Presidential Election

George Hook discusses Irish connection to U.S. politics

Exploring the Role of Gender in Politics

Interactive panel discusses meaning of masculinity, femininity in 2016 campaign

New York Times Writer Speaks on the Role of Economics in the 2016 Election

Appelbaum highlights importance of the changing structure of the American economy