There’s More to Moreau

Notre Dame would benefit from Bl. Basil Moreau’s philosophy of education

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Serving God when you have little to give

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The need for moral formation in higher education

Whether Children Are Educated, Not Where

Arizona Supreme Court Justice speaks on the future of education policy and litigation

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Rev. Bechina speaks on pursuit of truth and academic freedom

Forming the Mind and the Heart

Stephanie Reuter considers the formative role of education and the disposition of a student

Skipping Out on Education

Alexandra DeSanctis on the need for students to care about their education and the core curriculum

New Website Provides Professor Recommendations

NDCatholic aims to help students get the most out of Catholic education at Notre Dame

Core Curriculum Review Recommendations Released

Draft report circulated to university faculty and students by Core Curriculum Review Committee

A Prayer to Help with Finals

John VanBerkum shares a finals story about St. Joseph of Cupertino’s intercession