Irish Rover Notre Dame

The Church As Counter-culture

Patrick Deneen tells modern Catholics what must be done in the face of today’s society.

Confessions of a(n Accidental) Club President

Tim Kirchoff reflects on his various leadership roles throughout his time at Notre Dame, including his time as president of Rodzinka and as Deputy Grand Knight.

Cheers and Jeers

Meadow Jackson has some cheers and jeers about Spring Break.

University Announces Changes To Mendoza Enrollment

Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, the nation’s top business school, changes its admissions policies.

Notre Dame Nordic Ski Club Faces the Birkie

This past weekend, 10 members of the Notre Dame Nordic Ski Club competed in the largest cross-country ski race in North America. Mara Stolee relates how the Irish fared.

Naval Leadership Weekend

Meadow Jackson reports on Naval Leadership Weekend, which occurred on Notre Dame’s campus this past weekend.

Resolving “Gender Issues” at Notre Dame

The recent student body election has brought the issue — or maybe more aptly, the non-issue — of “gender relations” to the forefront on the campus of Notre Dame, but is this really the issue?

Gary Gutting Should Rethink Abortion

Notre Dame philosophy professor Gary Gutting, not Pope Francis, should rethink abortion.

Informal Study: Thousands Access Pornography over ND Network

An informal survey reveals the widespread use of university networks to access pornographic material.