Irish Rover

Compliance Questions

Chris Damian discusses Notre Dame’s lawsuit against the federal government’s HHS mandate.

Curvaceously Confusing

Dylan Stevenson discusses grade curving at Notre Dame.

Right To Life: Graduate Student Life And Family Life

The university should increase its support for graduate students in order to encourage family life.

Finding Your Voice: The Vocational Calling Of Steve Warner

Steve Warner shares his vocational journey and his advice for discernment.

Confronting Theodicy

The Notre Dame Department of Philosophy presents its second conference to confront the widely debated question: “If God is good and powerful, why does evil exist?”

Confessions of a(n Accidental) Club President

Tim Kirchoff reflects on his various leadership roles throughout his time at Notre Dame, including his time as president of Rodzinka and as Deputy Grand Knight.

What Is Marriage?

Prominent scholars discuss the definition of marriage and its importance to society.

Permission to Laugh: Midterms

Declan Feeley gives insight to the average student’s mentality during midterms week.

Town Hall-goers Tackle Tough Topics

The Notre Dame administration answered questions about the Campus Crossroads project and HHS mandate in an undergraduate town hall meeting.

Cheers and Jeers

Meadow Jackson has some cheers and jeers about Spring Break.