Irish Rover

C.S. Lewis, Reepicheep And The Christian Life

Michael Infantine discusses Reepicheep and the vocational call.

The Lamp On The Lampstand

Notre Dame students serve as catechists in the South Bend area.

Challenging Compliance

Notre Dame refiles petition for a rehearing in lawsuit against the HHS mandate.

Milkshakes, Masses And The Notre Dame Dorm Community

Kate Hardiman discusses the various dorm Mass traditions at Notre Dame.

Going Classical

Notre Dame alumni contribute to the revival of classical education.

Alito’s Path To The Bench

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito visited Notre Dame.

After The Mandate

Panel discusses the ongoing effects of the HHS mandate.

Cheers And Jeers

Cheers and jeers from Humor Apprentice Meadow Jackson.

An ode to spring, a return of summer

The Summer Dude and Dudette bring the return of summer.

The 100th Sheep

An interview with two homosexual Notre Dame students.