Notre Dame

Football Makes Big Offseason Coaching Changes

The 2013 football offseason saw major changes occurring in Notre Dame’s coaching staff.

Curvaceously Confusing

Dylan Stevenson discusses grade curving at Notre Dame.

Confronting Theodicy

The Notre Dame Department of Philosophy presents its second conference to confront the widely debated question: “If God is good and powerful, why does evil exist?”

Permission to Laugh: Midterms

Declan Feeley gives insight to the average student’s mentality during midterms week.

Cheers and Jeers

Meadow Jackson has some cheers and jeers about Spring Break.

Dialoguing on Diversity

“Show Some Skin” portrays students’ stories.

Art Show Explores Faith In Immigration

Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture presents “INMigration: Beyond Borders, A Visual Journey,” artwork inspired by Latino migration.

An Entrée to Relationship: Olivier Latry and Sacred Music

Oliver Latry performed at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris for a Nanovic Institute event.

Naval Leadership Weekend

Meadow Jackson reports on Naval Leadership Weekend, which occurred on Notre Dame’s campus this past weekend.

The Light of the World

Notre Dame students have a responsibility to represent the truth at Our Lady’s University.