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Free Read of the Week 2/24

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Why This Is a Better Year

Rich Hidy explains why this year’s women’s basketball team is better than last year’s, despite losing some key players.

Ten Reasons Why I Loved This Year’s Edith Stein Project

The ninth annual Edith Stein Project was a resounding success. Here are ten reasons why.

Professors Discuss Increasing Importance of Latino Vote

“American Politics in the 21st Century: The Latino Vote and the 2014 Elections”, a recent discussion as part of the Building Bridges lecture series at Notre Dame analyzed the effects of the Latino vote on the 2014 election.

In Defense of DOMA: Why the Court Got Windsor Wrong

The author argues that the concept of same-sex marriage is incoherent and socially untenable. He advances a concept of traditional marriage rooted in evolutionary biology and forming the philosophical basis (among other concepts) for our constitutional rights.

The Greying Dome

A current student and rape survivor gives her perspective of Notre Dame’s “One Is Too Many” campaign.

That Day

Notre Dame graduate Tom Cagley, Sr., (’56) reflects on one fateful day in December 1954—and how, forty years later, he found a new reason to celebrate the memory of a lost friend.

New Year, New Appreciation

“Nothing should ever make you lose the all-encompassing sense of pride and love for Notre Dame—sometimes all we need is a little reminder.”

Finding God In Prison

Owen Smith reports on one American scholar’s expedition into Brazilian prisons, where he observed the effects wrought by Pentecostalism on the inmates there.

The Year Behind and the Year Ahead

2013 was a good year for the Irish Rover, and 2014, with the generous support of the Rover‘s readership, can be even bigger.