Irish up to Bat in the ACC

Head Coach Mik Aoki and the Notre Dame Baseball Team begin their first season in the ACC, a strong baseball conference that sent 8 teams to the College World Series last year.

New School for Global Affairs Intended to Boost Notre Dame’s Catholic Mission

University Provost Thomas G. Burish: “A new School of International [Global] Affairs is one way through which our global aspirations could be advanced, as they have at many other top research universities.”

Cheers and Jeers

In this week’s Cheers and Jeers, #SochiProblems and Single Awareness Day are the targets of some clever humor.

Notre Dame to Revisit Core Curriculum Requirements

A committee has been tasked with the responsibility of gathering feedback on the University’s core curriculum for undergraduate students. In general, the professors who commented to the Rover call the review an opportunity for improvement, but remain cautious about its execution.

Not Your Typical Breakfast

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recently visited the campus of Notre Dame and had breakfast with student fellows in the Tocqueville Program for Inquiry into Religion and American Public Life.

Permission to Laugh: A Day in the Life

A day in the life of a typical Notre Dame student involves such weighty decisions as whether or not to go to class, eat a doughnut or take a shower…

What is the Mission of the Catholic Law School?

In this issue’s Faculty Column, Professor Richard Garnett asks the question and answers with his own question: what would it mean to think about law as a vocation?

L’Arche Communities: Fostering Faith and Dialogue

As part of the Irish Rover’s Alumni Column, this issue’s column is written by an Executive Editor Emerita on the L’arche Kilkenny communities.

Avoiding the I Do-Over

This issue’s editorial focuses on the disturbing trend of making marriage into a commodity.

You Call Yourself a Christian?

As part of the Irish Rover’s continuing Pillar of Thought column, this issue’s focus is a reflection on a service trip to the Andre House of Hospitality in Phoenix.