The Power of Prayer

As part of the Irish Rover’s continuing Right to Life column, this issue’s focus is the Spirituality Commission of Notre Dame Right to Life.

The Singing Engineer

Ryan Hall’s Camilla Tassi chats about her double majors, future plans.

Committed to the Constitution

The Irish Rover sits down for an interview with Phillip Muñoz who is the Tocqueville Associate Professor of Religion and Public Life in the Department of Political Science at Notre Dame.

Understanding Darwin: Evolution and Faith at Notre Dame

The Irish Rover explores the relationship between science and faith through the lens of evolutionary theory, with the help of a number of professors.

Underappreciated: Service by Members of Community Goes Unnoticed

The Irish Rover investigates the public perception of Notre Dame students in the broader South Bend area.

Topping Off Two Great Careers, Eh?

The Canadian duo of JP Malette and Jeremy Rae, two of Notre Dame’s middle-distance running greats, are finishing their careers at Notre Dame this season and were willing to sit down for an interview with the Irish Rover.

Really? Is It This Good?

In a shocking turn of events, Notre Dame Freshmen realize that the University of Notre Dame is actually a pretty cool place.

Cheers and Jeers

This issue’s Cheers and Jeers, duck boots are in and the Broncos are out, but those commercials sure made the Super Bowl fun to watch.

TED Takes Notre Dame

Notre Dame recently held TEDxUND 2014 and featured students and professors as speakers on topics as diverse as Communication and Visual Design.

One is too Many: Beyond the Pledge

One is Too Many, a campus campaign to eradicate sexual violence on campus, is being embraced by any students on campus, but many students wonder if the campaign is enough.