Why Doesn’t Rice Play Texas?

Conference realignment misses what college football is about.

NCAA Changes Transgender Athlete Policy

Transgender competitors in Ivy League spur debate

Who’s Who At Notre Dame: Jeff Walker

An interview with RecSports leading gent Jeff Walker

The ‘Other’ Sports

Alicia Czarnecki discusses student attraction to lesser-watched sports on campus.

Irish up to Bat in the ACC

Head Coach Mik Aoki and the Notre Dame Baseball Team begin their first season in the ACC, a strong baseball conference that sent 8 teams to the College World Series last year.

A University of the Sporting Sort?

Michael Bradley reports on an upcoming panel in the Panel Discussion Series, put on by the Dean’s Fellows and the College of Arts and Letters, to discuss what role sports play in the University’s mission.

The Great Indoors: Winter Track And Field

Jake Kildoo gives an update on the Notre Dame Track and Field team, which is gearing up for the indoor season as the South Bend permacloud settles in.

Catching Up With Jeni Houser

Rich Hidy spends some time with Jeni Houser, a junior on the volleyball team here at Notre Dame.