Meadow Jackson, Staff Writer




Frozen. Disclaimer: Shameless Plug. Stop what you’re doing. Grab your best friend, significant other or even your pillow pet and drag them to this movie. If you’ve seen it, you’ll understand. If you haven’t, you have no excuse not to. And to those of you who staunchly refuse to see it, don’t be surprised if your friends start blaming you and your frozen heart for Notre Dame’s never-ending winters.


The Pinstripe Bowl and Rolling over The Tide. We won the bowl game, became the winningest team in history, and apparently beat Alabama while we were at it. ND beat MSU who beat Stanford who beat Oregon who beat Texas who beat Oklahoma who beat Alabama. So technically—Notre Dame > Alabama.


On a completely unrelated side note, did anyone else wonder how much money the Sugar Bowl saved by only having to buy one color of confetti?


Flex Points. Apparently in the real world, they use this thing called “money” to pay for things. As for me, all I wanted for Christmas was my new set of flex points (which will inevitably be gone by March). Those of you who never spend your flex points, you’re gonna have a lot of really good friends come April.


#Hashtags. No, not the incredibly obnoxious, extremely unnecessary use of the word “hashtag” in conversation (Ranked 3rd most annoying word of 2013 behind “selfie” and “twerking”). But if you want to see just how ridiculous your Twitter conversations would sound in real life, check out Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s “Hashtag.” #EveryoneKnowsYoureOnYouTubeAnyway





How was your break?” It was great. How was yours? Great. End Conversation.


The Polar Vortex. Arctic Blast. Or my personal favorite, “The Snowpocalypse.” Over winter break, you may have noticed that your hometown got substantially colder and there was a lot of white stuff on the ground. So basically, it was like you never left Notre Dame.


Claddagh Ring Shaming. Admit it ladies. We’ve all done it. We have all abused the tradition of the claddagh ring for one reason or another. Maybe you’ve turned it around to avoid unwanted attentions (or to do just the opposite). Either way, people notice. And they comment. Any change in your relationship status, and they swoop in like vultures wanting to know who you’re dating, when it started and when the wedding date is (or inversely, when you broke up, why and if you want them to set you up).


So, think carefully before you turn that crown upside down (and for goodness’ sake don’t forget to turn it back).



#Hashtags. In conversation. If you do it.


Meadow Jackson is a freshman French major whose New Year’s Eve hopes were wrecked when Miley Cyrus did not perform her concert riding on the Times Square Ball. If you have any witty suggestions, want to donate to her flex point fund (is that a thing?), or wanna build a snowman please contact her at She will only respond to haikus.