Super Bowl commercials. Unless you’re a Seahawks or a Broncos fan, these are the real reason you watched the Super Bowl:

1. Every soldier deserves a hero’s welcome. Dang right, Budweiser.

2. America is Beautiful. And so is everyone in it. Coca Cola for the win.

3. Puppy Love. I may or may not have cried during this one. It was worth it.

4. McDonald’s Bad Lipreading. Badabapbapba I’m lovin’ it.

5. That one commercial with that one guy named Sean. Apparently the Super Bowl is like a bad prom night. And somehow that relates to Turbo Tax. Whatever, it was good.


Snow Days. When you go to school in the tundra, you pretty much have to face the fact that school is never going to be cancelled. While you may mock them for their thin skin, you’re secretly jealous of all the people in southern schools who get off for a mere three inches of snow. Though you may have told yourself that this opportunity could allow for something productive (i.e. homework), don’t feel too guilty that it didn’t happen. (If it did, congratulations, but let’s be honest about the Netflix to studying ratio here). After two feet of snow and three years without a snow day, I think everyone deserved a little time to just “chill.”


Duck boots. Duck boots e’rrywhere. When you walk down the halls all you see are these leather half boots with rubber soles and an ever-growing fan club. In addition:

1. I really like saying the words “duck boots.”

2. They’re ridiculously waterproof and perfect for trudging through the slushy obstacle course that is Notre Dame.



Slush. Time to break out those aforementioned duck boots! What was once the cause of immense joy (the snow that cancelled class) has come back to haunt us. You can’t walk to a single class without having to trudge your way through inches of quicksand-like slush. And just when you think the slush ends, the ice begins. So don’t be surprised if everyone has wiped out at least once by the end of this semester.


Snow Day Dining Halls. You didn’t think anything could be worse than football weekends, did you? And then 8,000 people had no choice but to eat at practically the exact same time. It was like waiting in line at Disneyland except without churros. (Insert mini-cheer for churros here).


The Not-So-Super Bowl. I think the Broncos were supposed to show up to the Super Bowl, but the only team I saw was the Seahawks. I’ve never appreciated the strategy and athletic ability in the Puppy Bowl so much in my life.



Meadow Jackson is a freshman who is quickly getting over her former love of winter. Whoever said “the cold never bothered me anyway” has obviously never been to Notre Dame. If you’re feeling especially cheery or jeery (or if you know of a good deal on bulk churros) send her an email at Haikus and bad puns accepted.