Bye week.  A week without football gives us the opportunity to use Saturday to study more and get ahead in our work for the coming week.  Or, as is more likely, you’ll watch Netflix, race chariots, and procrastinate so much that Sunday turns into a nightmare.  Especially when you realize that you have three exams, two papers, and a group project this week.  I guess every weekend really is better with football.

Thoughts on togas. Let me just say that the Greeks really knew what they were doing.  With togas you never have to worry about choosing an outfit, mixing patterns or designer brands (Martha Stewart sheet sets do not make you better than the rest of us).  All you have to do is twirl around, put some leaves on your head, and you’re set.  Pants are overrated anyway.

The Candy Wall. The candy wall is the best friend a college student could ask for.  The candy wall never yells at you, judges you, or plays its music too loud.  The candy wall will stay up late to study with you or cry with you after a tough exam.  The candy wall is always there for you (until 2 a.m. when LaFun closes).



Rain. Rain, rain, go away, come again no other day.  Mother Nature has had some seriously pent-up resentment which she is apparently taking out on us in the form of cats and dogs falling from the sky.  And just think, soon it will turn into snow and we’ll be living in an eternal permafrost.  Love Thee Notre Dame.

The Notre Dame Plague.  No one knows what it is or where it came from, but everyone is being targeted by the mysterious Notre Dame Plague.  Three weeks of coughing, sniffling, and a general feeling of awfulness is really good preparation for…

Midterms.  I really love the time of the semester when everything is due at the same time, I drink a pot of coffee a day, and I forget what sleep is.  That is definitely my idea of a good time.  Said.  No.  One.  Ever.  If you’re currently struggling with Midterm-itis, just know that you’ll get through it.  Mostly because you don’t have a choice.  Cheers!

Meadow Jackson is sophomore political science and Japanese major living in Pasquerilla West Hall.  Her research includes “The effects of sleep-deprivation and over-caffeination on the awkwardness levels of the average college student,” and “How to succeed in college without really sleeping.”  If you have any cheers, jeers, or random quotes, you can email her at