The Anti-Hibernation Movement.  A large percentage of students have been witnessed protesting the negative effects of the South Bend winter by, shockingly, running outside.  At any given moment, these dedicated activists can be seen braving the cold, most likely preparing for the movement’s keynote event: The Holy Half.

One Last Hurrah.  With the pomp and circumstance of Notre Dame football weekends fading in our memories, students and staff alike are looking forward to one last day of fandom.  Only at Notre Dame will homework assignments, extracurricular events, and Mass times be rearranged to watch commercials and support teams that less than 20 percent of Domers actually care about.

The Hesburgh Challenge. If you haven’t had the privilege of drinking in knowledge from the Hesburgh Library’s vast collection of books, you should really give it a shot.  Even if reading isn’t your cup of [insert beverage pun here], at least you’ll gain an appreciation for what your parents had to go through before the Internet.  Just be careful with selections from the top shelf.



Unintentional Skiing.  If your morning class commute resembles an episode of Wipeout, raise your hand, because you have been personally victimized by the South Bend sidewalks.  And if you haven’t slipped and fallen by the end of the semester, do you really even go here?

Fashion Trend: Crop Tops. The New York fashion week of college football, the NCAA Championship Game revealed a startling new trend.  Crop tops, a style usually reserved for Coachella attendees, have spread like wildfire through the Ohio State offensive line.  Number 15, Ezekiel Elliot, has been credited with modeling the first Buckeye crop top.

Study Abroad Nostalgia.  I’m sorry that Big Ben isn’t within walking distance and the Huddle isn’t exactly a European market, but can we all agree to stop comparing Notre Dame to study abroad locations?  Last time I checked, this is the only Home Under the Dome we have, and I’d bet my extremely lucrative job as Humor Apprentice that you missed it while you were away.


Meadow Jackson is a sophomore political science and Japanese major who hopes that no one tries to make a claim on her position as Humor Apprentice.  If you have any cheer, jeers or random anecdotes to contribute, please email her at