Spring break. “I will exalt You, O [Spring Break], my King,

                    And praise your name forever and ever.

                    I will praise you every day;

                    I will honor your name forever…”

Many biblical scholars believe these words from Psalm 145 were originally written in exaltation of the blessed Spring Break, sanctuary to weary student souls.

Shorts. As the snow melts and the first signs of warmer spring weather start to roll in around campus, I now have the chance to show off the pale, sickly-looking legs I have been carefully cultivating under the South Bend perma-cloud all year long.

ND Men’s Basketball’s No. 6 seed in March Madness. The NCAA tournament is upon us, and thanks to an impressive finish to the season (including a couple of major upsets), Notre Dame has earned a No. 6 seed in the tournament. Regardless of how the Irish do in their first game, considering the team’s loss of leading scorer Demetrius Jackson to an injury midway through the season, this season has already established itself as a classic comeback story, among the likes of Rocky and The Lizzie McGuire Movie.


Spring Break. Let’s be honest, as much as we might want to brag about our awesome Spring Break trips like,

                    “I will speak of [Spring Break’s] splendor and glorious majesty.

                    And Your wonderful works.

                    [My super jealous friends] will proclaim the power of Your awe-inspiring acts,

And I will declare your greatness.”

… we’ll probably just have to settle for a standard,

“How was your break?”

“Good. Yours?”


Shorts. As badly as we yearn for the warm weather so we can rock our shorts and t-shirts on campus, we have to face the fact that we are not going to get there without going through our perennial March and April foe, the so-called “wintry mix.” Just when you think you are finally done with winter, this misleading and emotionally manipulative mixture of rain, snow, sleet, hail, and depression comes along to ruin your dreams of hammocks and frisbees on the quad.

ND Men’s Basketball’s No. 6 seed in March Madness. At the writing of this article, our first round game is yet to be played. If we lose, I am not crying. My eyes are just sweating.

Michael Infantine has a minor in theology and yet is still unsure of whether or not his usage of the Psalms in this article was sacrilegious. If you have any insights on this question, feel free to contact him at