At the closing of this year, Notre Dame bids farewell to two renowned professors, David Solomon and Alfred J. Freddoso. We at the Rover would like to acknowledge their accomplishments and thank them for their many contributions to this university.

David Solomon, Associate Professor of Philosophy, came to Notre Dame in 1968. He received his bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and his Ph.D in philosophy from the University of Texas. In a 2009 interview with The Observer, he said, “I was the third non-Catholic ever hired in the Notre Dame Philosophy department.” As the population of Catholic faculty in the Department of Philosophy declined throughout his career, he strove to build a stronger sense of Catholic identity on campus. He served as the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Philosophy, and he founded the Center for Ethics and Culture in 1999. He has written several articles and books, including Abortion and Public Policy and The Synoptic Vision: The Philosophy of Wilfred Sellars.

Alfred J. Freddoso, John and Jean Oesterle Professor of Thomistic Studies and Concurrent Professor of Law, received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from St. John Vianney Seminary and his Ph.D from the University of Notre Dame. During his time at Notre Dame, he has served as the Department of Philosophy’s Director of Graduate Studies and as well as its Director of Undergraduate Studies. He is known for his work on metaphysics and ethics in relation to Catholicism, and he has translated many works in Latin, including the writings of William of Ockham, Luis de Molina, Francisco Suarez, and Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae.


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