Film lovers, rejoice! François François, the famed director of such films as The Lovers and The Dogs (Les Amants et Les Chiens) and The Meaningless Kiss (Le Bisou Insignificant) has announced his latest project, entitled Katie (Katie).

“When I discovered Notre Dame,” said François, “I knew I had to depict it in the form of film. There’s something about this campus that I am drawn to, that reminds me of my background, studying existentialism and François Truffaut in the cafés of Versailles. Perhaps it is the quiet desperation of those students of the science major, or the soulless eyes of those students of business. Or this sleazy dating scene of yours, the bizarre traditions, the passions, the ennui, the alcohol, and…well, let us not forget Au Bon Pain.”

“I love croissants.”

The film will detail the story of Patrick O’Rdourve, a student who simultaneously falls in love with, and begins dating, three identical blonde girls named Katie. It is based on a true story, which happened at least twice last spring.

“My filmmaking process is something of a conversation. I have no idea exactly what form the final product will take,” said François, “However, I am sure it will express something powerful–I haven’t seen such a hopeless loss of direction since Paris in the 1960s.”

This story of cultural mores, romantic unfulfillment, and quarter dogs has drawn the attention of at least three of the five film majors on campus, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

James Rahner is a Junior studying Philosophy and Theology. He really does, in fact, enjoy French New Wave films, and Notre Dame alike. To join with him in his fondness for either of these, please email him at