College of Business’s new brand narrative highlights University’s Catholic mission

Dean of the Mendoza College of Business, Martijn Cremers, announced in an email to Business students on Tuesday, January 21 that the College “recently launched a new brand narrative: ‘Grow the Good in Business.’” Cremers was recently appointed Dean of Mendoza on July 1, 2019. As a longtime advocate for integrity in business and the mission of Notre Dame, Cremers shared the news of Mendoza’s new motto with great excitement.

Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business was founded in 1921 with a mission to instill a sense of ethics and service in its students’ work after graduation. Cremers said in the announcement email that “This [new] imperative encompasses the College’s nearly century-long charge for business to be a force for good in society with our evolving vision for business education focused on shaping leaders committed to human flourishing.”

Mendoza’s previous slogan, “Ask More of Business,” was a widely known motto that attracted many students to the College’s mission for promoting justice and service in the field of business. The new slogan, “Grow the Good in Business,” emphasizes the pre-existing good in business and offers an invitation for students to expand upon this good. 

This commitment to doing good is a direct reflection of the University’s Catholic mission. As an institution founded on the Congregation of Holy Cross’s pillars of mind, heart, zeal, hope and family, Notre Dame strives to prepare its students not only for a successful life after college, but for a life that is fulfilled by helping others and serving those most in need. Current Provost of Notre Dame, Thomas Burish, said that Dean Cremers has “the highest standards of excellence and integrity and a deep understanding of and dedication to Notre Dame’s Catholic mission.” With Mendoza’s new brand narrative, not only is the College of Business’s mission more strongly enforced, but the University’s mission is also amplified to those whom the College of Business is marketed.

In his email addressed to Mendoza students Cremers said, “It [the new brand narrative] serves as a platform to tell the story of Mendoza’s accomplishments, greater impact, and distinctive programs through the individual stories of stakeholders such as yourselves.” As “stakeholders” in society, the young generation of business students is the one which will make the next biggest impact. Cremers said, “As always, our students continue to represent the heart of the Mendoza and University mission.”

Ana Tisa, a Sophomore in Mendoza, echoed this sentiment, “This slogan promotes Notre Dame’s mission because we are always encouraged to do the right thing, even if it is not the easiest. In a world where some people cut corners to be on top, we need to be the force of good that uses compassion and intellect if we want to be on top. Good business starts here, with us, the next generation of employees.”

Dean Cremers personally invited Mendoza students to “reflect on the messaging and consider how it offers you a framework for shaping and sharing your experience” through a video attached in the email. In this video, Cremers explains how certain Catholic Social Teaching principles, such as The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers; Solidarity; and Call to Family, Community, and Participation directly correlate to the “3 Cs” in business: to contribute, cooperate, and compete. 

In light of Mendoza’s new marketing strategy, Tisa reflected on a couple of initiatives the College could take on. “Mendoza could play up the multiple connotations of the wording ‘grow’ (green, planet) and start more sustainable initiatives or encourage others to do better for the earth. I’m thinking of big businesses that have a large carbon footprint and/or do not practice sustainably and/or disregard previous regulations on environmental impact. I think this is a viable request because of the climate crisis we are experiencing and because of our ties to the Catholic Church which is also in support of protecting the planet.”

The shared value that is discussed in a majority of Mendoza’s promotional material is at the heart of a Notre Dame education: creating human connection with others, “with a special focus on those with the greatest need,” and working to create good in a society of evils is an ideal that is preached across Notre Dame’s campus. 

In the promotional video, Cremers answers the question of “What must a business college today be?” with: “The answer lies in powerfully reaffirming what we always believedan imperative that is more urgent today than it has ever been to grow the good in business.” Through the intersection of personal, business, and societal growth, we can create, and expand upon, the good in business. 

Sydney is a sophomore majoring in management consulting and Spanish. She is a resident of Lewis Hall and proud member of the Gateway 6.0 Cohort. She can be reached at