According to a recent report from Fighting Irish Media, Notre Dame’s tackle football squad has taken to committing felonies “just to see if anyone cares anymore,” in the words of an anonymous sophomore lineman.

“It’s been hard, you know?” the lineman told the Rover in an exclusive interview. “I mean, we’re all happy for the fencing team, and the women’s basketball team, and all that, but it just feels like our status as Notre Dame’s biggest ‘thing’ is fading.”

According to various sources, members of the team have taken to conspicuously trying to purchase drugs and paraphernalia “right in front of the NDSP,” throwing LimeBikes into Saint Mary’s Lake, and defacing Knute Rockne’s statue in front of the stadium with the words “Go Michigan!”

“We have been…disappointed in the reaction we’ve gotten so far,” admitted one freshman receiver. “Generally there would have been at least one ‘Observer’ article about our exploits by now, but no, it’s all ‘Muffett McGraw’ this, and ‘John Jenkins’ that. I know we aren’t the best football team Notre Dame has ever had, but we’re feeling more ignored than the graduate students with families in University Village.”

At press time, the team is planning to stage a protest on the steps of Main Building that already three Moreau professors are requiring their classes to attend.  

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