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What Happened at the U.S. Bishop’s Meeting?

Vatican prevents votes on responses to sexual abuse crisis

A Pro-Life Vision of the World

Being pro-life through the lenses of race, adoption, and the media

Our Need for the Prayers of Others

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Discusses Shakespeare’s Works

Away in a Manger, but Not in the Mass

The history and role of Christmas pageants

Opinion: Mass should be more scary

In a well-worn homily anecdote, a Protestant, when first introduced to the concept of transubstantiation, exclaims: “If I believed that, I would crawl up the aisle for communion on my knees!”

In Defense of Winter

Why the bleakest season is the most beautiful

The economics of marriage

Professor Kirk Doran presents on the joy of faithful marriage

St. Oscar Romero

His life and recent canonization as an inspiration for all

Pope Francis, Capital Punishment, and Law

Doctrinal development and jurisprudence on the death penalty

Bureaucracy over subsidiarity

Reflections on the 2018 Synod on Youth