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Thoughts and Prayers

The critics of “thoughts and prayers” can achieve their goals without devaluing faith, and, even more basically than that, without devaluing a gift that someone is offering.

Panel of Notre Dame professors defend “abortion rights”

Gender Studies Department and Irish 4 Reproductive Health fear a reversal of Roe

On Journalism Today

James Rahner gives the editorial, which considers the pitfalls of journalism today.

Students Against Child-Oriented Policy?

A recent student effort to oppose the existence of Students for Child-Oriented Policy invites a second look at what has, and hasn’t, been said.

Free Read of the Week 3/10

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Looking Out For Our Special Friends

The Special Friends Club recently hosted its fifth annual autism conference on Wednesday February 19, featuring Dr. Julie Taylor of Vanderbilt University

Free Read of the Week 2/24

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