Notre Dame Irish Rover

Developing A Profound Theology Of Womanhood

Women in Leadership Forum concludes with “Women in the Life of the Church” panel.

Bridging The Gap: Educating Friends Of Sexual Assault Survivors

The Gender Relations Center hosted its second annual Walk with Me dinner.

The Athletic Arms Race: The Basketball Front

John McMackin how Campus Crossroads will affect the sports facilities.

The ‘Other’ Sports

Alicia Czarnecki discusses student attraction to lesser-watched sports on campus.

Student perspectives on Brian Kelly

Kyle Mulholland assesses the student body’s thoughts on Brian Kelly.

Prohibition Or Legalization: A False Dilemma

Bob Burkett discusses the facts about legalization and decriminalization of drugs.

The Holy Urgg

Declan Feeley explores the thoughts of the Holy Half runners during the half marathon.

On Both Sides Of The Screen

Panelists shared their stories about the harmful effects of pornography.

Forget Batman, These Guys Are True Knights

Colin Devine explains the importance of the Knights of Columbus.

Eucharistic Adoration: Isn’t The Mass Enough?

Victoria Velasquez considers the importance of Eucharistic adoration.