Well, folks, you did it. You made it through a majority of the first half of the semester. That is a pretty significant feat, so before I say anything else, let me say, “Well done.” Now, as you who have survived these first several weeks will know, spring break rapidly approaches. Visions of sandy beaches, excessive amounts of sunshine, piña coladas, and sweet, sweet freedom have probably already filled your calculus-saturated mind. You don’t know much, but you do know that sitting with your best friends on a beach with a drink in your hand is a much more appealing prospect than sitting with your group project partners in Hes with half of a cold cup of coffee in your hand.

Alas, spring break isn’t upon us just yet. We still have several days left until then, and chances are, these days will be filled with all sorts of mid-semester academic chaos. You probably still have quite a lot to slog through before you hop on that plane to wherever you’re going. If you can just get through these five obstacles standing between you and your spring break, it’ll be smooth smailing.

  1. Nice weather: More than anything else, this brief reprieve from the barren South Bend tundra will deal the most devastating blow to your ability to buckle down and get things done before spring break. The warmth, the sunshine, and the small taste of spring will do its very best to distract you from all you need to accomplish before break. If you can withstand this foretaste of vacation, you can withstand anything.
  2. Sickness: Are you one of the proud, the few, the strong who avoided the flu this season? Did you already get the flu and now think that you can’t possibly get it twice? Don’t get cocky—none of you are out of the woods yet. Take it from someone who managed to contract this super fun illness twice this flu season—you still have plenty of time. I’m not saying you’re going to get it, but I am telling you to wash your hands.
  3. Senioritis: You may think that this only applies to seniors, but we all know that’s not true. We’ve all been feeling it (and if we’re being honest with ourselves, we’ve probably been feeling it since that fateful senior year of high school). Whatever year you are, hang in there. Unless you’re a senior, in which casethere are only two more months, my dudes, so who really cares.
  4. Lenten promise: Your Lenten promise of giving up Starbucks, sweets, junk food, or [insert that thing you love but cut out of your life because of Lent] … that was a good and holy thought on Ash Wednesday. During midterms week, however, you know you’re going to be tempted to go back on that promise. Stay strong for Jesus and for the times you’re probably going to cheat over spring break.
  5. School things: This probably goes without saying, but your dreams of sipping margaritas on the beach are going to be absolutely slaughtered at the altar of mid-semester exams, papers, group projects, presentations, etc. Honestly, no advice here except to power through. Punta Cana awaits.

Lacey Silvestri is a senior English and history major who will fail to overcome any of the aforementioned obstacles. To fund her spring break, Venmo her @laceysilvestri, and to tell her to stop soliciting strangers for money, email her at lsilvest@nd.edu.