Notre Dame first year student Bradson Benjamin expressed great consternation during move-in weekend about his future roommate bearing a striking resemblance to first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin.

“The first thought I had when I walked into my room with my parents on Friday was, ‘My God, is that the former Head of Government of Russia as President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin?” said Benjamin.

Benjamin, a freshman in Knott Hall, was excited to introduce his parents to who he assumed would become his first and best friend at the University of Notre Dame. However, upon actually meeting his roommate, Benjamin decided an introduction would be unwarranted.

“He just kind of stood there while I unpacked,” said Benjamin. “When I asked if he was excited about the upcoming year, he saluted.”

Benjamin noted that he had “stalked” his roommate over the summer, finding both a Facebook and Instagram profile. Even then, Benjamin could discern an uncanny resemblance between his roommate and former Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Russia SFSR Boris Yeltsin.

“I just thought he took bad pictures,” said Benjamin.

At press, Benjamin was being lectured by his roommate about the benefits of oligarchical market takeover.