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The Marriage of Joseph and Mary

Recognizing the ordinary amid the extraordinary

Reflections on “Faith Seeking Understanding”

I am not sure when this concept of “faith seeking understanding” entered my life, but I can
testify that reflection on it has proved very fruitful.

“Everybody Lies”

A decade ago, the lead character in the self-titled medical drama House regularly dispatched the buzz phrase “Everybody lies,” either…

Against Academic Freedom

My colleague and friend Professor Dan Philpott has written a lengthy essay in these pages defending academic freedom within the…

Notre Dame, China, and Standing Up for Human Rights

Notre Dame has had an ambivalent relationship with the People’s Republic of China. Not so long ago, some naïve university…

Prefer Nothing to the Love of Christ

In the Gospels, Jesus frequently rebukes his disciples for thinking as their contemporaries do and not as God does. Additionally,…

The Notre Dame Option?

Patrick Deneen discusses the Benedict Option in the context of a Catholic university

Interview with Professor Laura Hollis: Finding the work-life balance

The Irish Rover contacted Professor Hollis to get a female academic’s perspective on how to balance work responsibilities and familial…