Exploring Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning, and in particular the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, is compared to chemical contraceptives and is found to be as if effective, if not more effective, while at the same time being associated with healthier marriages,

Buildings as a Foundation for Achievement

Notre Dame is moving forward with plans for the Campus Crossroads Project, the largest and most ambitious building project in the 172 year history of the university.

Race For Student Body President Heats Up

The latest news in the on-going Student Body President Election at Notre Dame.

A University of the Sporting Sort?

Michael Bradley reports on an upcoming panel in the Panel Discussion Series, put on by the Dean’s Fellows and the College of Arts and Letters, to discuss what role sports play in the University’s mission.

Words of Wisdom from Dean Kilpatrick

Michael Infantine sits down for a talk with Peter Kilpatrick, Dean of the College of Engineering, to discuss vocation.

Unifying the University

Daniel Smith reports on racial, socioeconomic and religious diversity on Notre Dame’s campus.

Notre Dame Condemns Boycott of Israel

Rebecca Self reports on the American Studies Association’s decision to boycott collaboration on academic endeavors with any institutes of higher education in Israel.

Healthcare and Notre Dame’s Catholic Mission

Abigail Bartels reports on the various efforts of the University in caring for its students, such as the University Counseling Center and University Health Services.

Permission To Laugh: Paying For Prison?

Declan Feeley has some shocking news about Notre Dame’s dorms.

Cheers and Jeers

Meadow Jackson has some cheers and jeers for the new semester.