Zahm freshman Matthew Michaelson realized late Monday night he might need ask his roommate Michael Roberts if he’ll keep the window by his bed open throughout the remainder of the rapidly-cooling year.

“It’s only opened just a crack,” said Michaelson. “I’m not sure if Michael even realizes it’s still open.”

The window was opened by Robertson’s dad during Welcome Weekend in an effort to “let this sucker air out a little bit.” It has remained open ever since.

“I would close it myself, but I’d have to climb across his bed to do that,” continued Michaelson. “I mean, Michael and I are best friends already, but I don’t know if we’re at that level yet.”

Roberts, a Boston native, is known to walk around campus in shorts no matter what the weather, and Michaelson is worried his roommate will be unaffected by the sub-forties temperatures their room will reach.

“I just don’t get cold down there,” said Roberts.

Regardless of his personal discomfort, Michaelson doesn’t think he’s willing to put his relationship with Roberts at risk.

“One time a few weeks ago I asked him to turn his music down while I was studying for an Econ test,” admitted Michaelson. “I don’t think I ever want to push things that far again.”

At press time, Michaelson has resigned to internalize his feelings. Roberts, meanwhile, has found himself wondering whether or not he should ask if Michaelson ever brushes his teeth.