Overheard at ND

College Football Edition


In Notre Dame season ticket holder seats:

A middle-aged couple wearing Georgia jerseys is waiting for the game to start.
Woman (squinting): “What is that tunnel across the stadium?”
Man: “I think that’s where the opposing team comes out of.”
Woman (angrily): “We traveled this far to see UGA run out of that tiny thing?!”
Man: “I know, you’d think they’d be more accommodating considering we did them the favor of buying out half their stadium.”


Underclassmen females waiting for Taco Bell around 1 a.m. on a Saturday night:

“Have you seen Taylor Swift’s new image?” “Yeah, it’s like she became a Crunch Wrap Supreme.” “How so?” “Uh, y’know, more edge and stuff.”

They’re Learning

At the Student Town Hall on September 13th:

Freshmen are discussing the ethical implications of an abrupt housing policy change.

“Why did they tell us this meeting was happening the day of?”

Other savvy frosh (in wonderment): “It’s almost like they did it on purpose!”

Therese Konopelski is a sophomore PLS major whose minors are too wordy to list in any bio, as per usual Notre Dame style. To commiserate or contribute, contact her at tkonopel@nd.edu.

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