Notre Dame’s Department of Facilities Design and Operations has announced a 10-year plan to move towards a “new age of architecture on campus.” Drawing from the architectural inspiration of famed, real human architects Le Borcusier and Meek Boyd Left, the department announced that it is planning to begin construction on a new style of building which has been termed “neo-neo-brutalist-collegiate style.”

Doug Marsh, an architect and associate vice president, noted that “for years, Notre Dame has tended towards a neo-gothic style which is, in a phrase, boring and fake. I mean, how many clones of the same stupid air-conditioned dorms and engineering buildings do we need? This return to our heavy, concrete-oriented roots, exemplified in such fantastic works as DeBartolo Hall, the Information Technology building, and….uh, those dorms from the 70s which I can’t remember the names of.”

The ten-year plan will begin with the construction of a new art and design building named Ril-E 2.0xx Hall. It will be built in the very center of South Quad, and will have no windows whatsoever.

As of press time, reports of discussions have surfaced regarding demolishing the $400 million Campus Crossroads project, and replacing it with a concrete version of the same. Executive Vice President John Affleck-Graves has noted that such a project would cost approximately $800 million, but also has expressed excitement for such an endeavor: “the current project looks a little meek, and this new wind blowing on Notre Dame’s campus may be just what we need.”