Although Amazon has announced that the company will build its second headquarters in Crystal City, Virginia, the Notre Dame Office of Facilities has announced construction on a headquarters complex that Amazon could use.

“The University of Notre Dame is fully committed to the stimulation of the South Bend economy and the promulgation of God’s greatest gift: commerce,” said a Notre Dame spokesperson on Wednesday. “We are ready to offer Amazon full access to a new set of buildings so they can do business here. So ready.”

The University has already begun construction on three 50-story office buildings. The project will cost an estimated $500 million—still less than the total cost of the Campus Crossroads project.

“We want Amazon to have the best we can offer,” said Vice President for Facilities Design and Operation Doug Marsh. “Although they haven’t exactly confirmed that they’ll be moving here, we’ve already torn down the Moreau Seminary to give the new HQ prime access to our two beautiful lakes.”

At press time, Marsh was still unable to contact Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, but the customer service representative Marsh has been speaking with offered to credit his Amazon account with a $25 gift card.