After revealing the star-studded keynote line-up for South Bend’s Innovation Festival IDEA Week, fundraising co-chair Kim Dabis announced the 2019 Mantra of De-Riskifying and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

“This year, we want to go back to basics,” Dabis said. “Our theme? Money.”

IDEA Week is a festival funded in part by the University of Notre Dame to host entertainment, technology, and business-focused events for the benefit of the South Bend community. Idea Week is a ticketed event, with Insider Passes—passes that allow the holder to purchase tickets to events before ticket pre-sales begin—retailing at $150, with a $11.34 fee.

“IDEA Week means many things: country stars and almost stars performing in century-old theaters, businessmen and technology lovers making small talk in conference centers, and, of course, the Chainsmokers,” said Dabis. “But what’s more important than all of that? Let’s say it together: money, money, money, money, money, money, money.”