Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol made on Tuesday the latest announcement in a rebranding campaign that Taco Bell has been undergoing for the past several months. Replacing “Live Mas,” a slogan in use since 2012, Taco Bell’s new motto will be “Nobody has died after eating Taco Bell.”

“We want Taco Bell to enter the 21st Century,” said Niccol. “Millennials are just obsessed with being alive, and we want to assure them that Taco Bell is a great restaurant choice for living people!”

Reject slogans included “Taco Bell: When you’re here, you’re here;” “Taco Bell: If you want ‘Mexican’ food;” “Taco Bell: your meat provider;” “Taco Bell: welcome to the Crunch Zone;” and “Taco Bell: please eat.”

“Taco Bell is delicious,” continued Niccol with a jolly chuckle. “Heck, it might even be healthy. Nobody has died from our food. But you know what we always say here at Taco Bell: don’t fact check us on this!”