The Californian’s Ultimate Guide to Autumn at Notre Dame

Some practical tips for students hailing from the West Coast to survive the impending temperature drop

Cheers And Jeers

Meadow Jackson’s latest cheers and jeers

An ode to spring, a return of summer

The Summer Dude and Dudette bring the return of summer.

Permission to Laugh: A Day in the Life

A day in the life of a typical Notre Dame student involves such weighty decisions as whether or not to go to class, eat a doughnut or take a shower…

Really? Is It This Good?

In a shocking turn of events, Notre Dame Freshmen realize that the University of Notre Dame is actually a pretty cool place.

Permission To Laugh: Paying For Prison?

Declan Feeley has some shocking news about Notre Dame’s dorms.

“No SHAve November” And Dr. Albatross’ Magic Beard-Growing Serum

Daphne Reynolds reports on Notre Dame’s most notHAble improvisational comedy group, the Humor Artists, and their recent performance “No SHAve November”.

I Can Stop Whenever I Want. No, Seriously.

Colin Devine’s apprentice in humor, Declan Feeley, asks a serious question: where the coffee at?

Cheers And Jeers

Colin Devine, humor guru, gives us Cheers and Jeers — a humorous account of things Colin likes and things he doesn’t like.

The Six Word Memoir Brings His Friends

Colin Devine, Humor Guru Extraordinaire, gives his readers something to laugh about… and puzzle over in this weeks edition of the Rover.